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Quotes I ripped the lace from on skirt and thought I was going to have to either replace it or remove it all together, but I called Ms. Benjamin and she was able to mend the lace. When she return the skirt, I was not able to tell where it was torn until she pointed it out to me. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Ms. Benjamin made my son a vest for the school choir, it was perfect and I will be donating it to the school and recommending her to other parents at the school for next year. Quotes
Pleased Mom

Quotes I love the quilt that Ms. Benjamin made for me. I simply told here the colors that I wanted and she created a simple yet optical pleasing lap quilt. Thanks Ms. Benjamin. Happy Customer Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I saw a picture of a doll that Ms. Benjamin made and I just loved it. She took her time and made the clothes fit the doll. I am definitely ordering one to add to my collection. Quotes

Quotes I asked Ms. Benjamin to make a couple of handkerchives for me and she brought them back to me the next day completed with the lace and embroidery. They looked very professional and I am very happy with my order. I will be ordering more. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I received a doll from Ms. Bejamin as a gift, it was so cute that I ordered one to give as a gift. I love the fact that she made the dolls the way I wanted it (the right eye and hair color) she even made matching hair bow to go with the dress. It takes a few weeks to get it and it is a bit pricer than the ones you can find in your local stores, but it is made to order. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I just love the dresses that were made for us. We decided on the type of dress and material on Sunday and the following Sunday she brought the dresses back to make any alterations that were needed. Then the next Saturday she brought the completed dresses back. Thanks to Ms. Benjamin we didn't have to wear those hot robes. The choir will be doing more business with Ms. Benjamn in the near future. Quotes
Choir Member

Quotes I just love the stuffed animals and dolls. I will be ordering some to give as gifts for Christmas this year. Quotes

Quotes I never would have thought about putting the females in the choir in dresses until I saw them in these and I was pleased. I will be asking Ms. Benjamin to make a few more for them and a few thing for myself as well. Not only did the choir sound great, they looked great as well. Thank you Ms. Benjamin. Quotes
Church Member

Quotes I really love the pink skirt and top that Ms. Benjamin made for me. I recieved them on time for my event. I will be telling my freinds about Ms. Benjamin and calling on her again for more projects. Quotes

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